Please give us 48 Hours notice of cancellation.

If you cancel within this time then there will be cancellation charge applied of

£20 or full cost up to a 1 hour appointment or

50% for over 1 hour appointment

If you book an appointment and then don't show up you will be charged 100% of the appointment time.

This will need paying before we allow another appointment to be booked in.



We understand ‘Life Happens’

but if for any reason you are expecting to be later than 10 minutes or more

to your scheduled appointment,

please give us a call on 01733 324300 to let us know, as we may have to rearrange your appointment, at this stage then a cancellation charge will apply.


Please be aware if you are going to be late this disrupts the stylists day and following customers.

We cannot guarantee that your services will be performed in full or at all due to the time constraints on us.  

This may also result in an incomplete service and affect the quality of your service due to rushing.

If you are persistently late to your appointments cancellation charges will apply.

No Show